Choose your journey

You have the answers you need.  My job is to help you find them.  One of the pillars of my coaching (co-active coach) is that you are 'naturally creative, resourceful and whole'.  I truly believe that and I want to help you see that is true.

My job in working with you is to help you get what you want, while ensuring that it's connected to your purpose and your values.

Through one on one coaching we will design a customized plan especially for you.  Wether you need help defining your purpose and values.  You would like to start a mindfulness practice or need help with your yoga practice.  Or maybe you need to design accountability into your life.

Through my varied experience and training  with everything from business to being a wife and mother.  Being a devout mindfulness and yoga practitioner and teacher.  Or from having experienced and grown through many challenges life has offered me.  I can help you get the life you want and love.